Stand Up Against Violence!

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Time period: 

November 2014-March 2015

Project Type: 

  • Advocacy
  • Education / Awareness-raising
  • Social / Cultural

Stand Up Against Violence!

Project Summary: 

Through our project we went to the classrooms in our school that have the biggest problems with violence.  There we presented 2 film clips and a game about the effects of violence, and also had discussions about how we can control ourselves.  We left the classrooms with flyers we had made about the negative effects of violence.  In addition, we made a mural with a message against verbal violence -- that it makes you ugly when you speak in an ugly way.  Through our mural, which we hung in the school courtyard, we hope to continuously remind the students of School Nr. 2 about our project.


Members of IMPACT 1 implemented the project "Stand Up Against Violence" because we observed that in our school a lot of violence exists, both verbal and physical.  Through our project we were able to give presentations in different classes at School Nr. 2, focusing on the theme of anti-violence in order to show our fellow classmates that it's not helpful to think with our fists or use ugly language.


1.  We educated ourselves about physical and verbal violence.

2.  We prepared two film clips, a game, and discussion questions for the presentation.  

3.  We designed and printed flyers with messages and images about verbal violence.  

4.  We received permission from the school principal.

5.  We practiced our presentations.

6.  We visited five classrooms in small groups to lead presentations and share flyers about non-violence.

7.  We found a volunteer graffiti artist and bought paint and other supplies.

8.  We built a frame for the mural and installed it in the school courtyard.


Direct beneficiaries: 100 students and 5 teachers in the classes where we presented, which are the 5 classes with the most problems with violence

Indirect beneficiaries:  700 students and 30 teachers from School Nr. 2 in Lupeni

Project results: 

The projecct went well.  We also learned to not be violent ourselves, how to control our actions better when someone insults us.  We felt really good when we were able to stand in front of the classroom and help other students, and the teachers were really grateful.  We have learned that violence doesn't solve anything!  Through our project we were able to give presentations in the five most violent classes of our school.


  • Lupeni General School Nr 2, especially the following teachers: Mrs. Pârvu, Mrs. Mircea, Mr. Ponyori, Mrs. Negură, and Mrs. Şicht
  • Denis, the graffiti artist who painted our mural 

Sponsors and donors: 

  • New Horizons Foundation: 400 RON
  • SC Comexim SRL: 130 RON
  • SC Ardelean Giani SRL: donated wood for the mural frame

Budget and financing sources: 

We received money from New Horizons Foundation through the "Connect to Your Community!" project competition.  Our budget was as follows: 

  • Mural: paint, canvas, and other supplies     345 RON
  • Flyers: paper and printing                            12.60 RON
  • Other consumables                                      78 RON

                                                         TOTAL           435.60 RON

Money that remained will be used for future projects!

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