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Time period: 

December 2014- February 2015

Project Type: 

  • Education / Awareness-raising
  • Health

The IMPACT of First Aid!

Project Summary: 

The project "The IMPACT of First Aid!" consisted of information sessions and practical activities to develop first aid abilities among students in the schools of the city of Petroșani.  In order to inform students about the theme, we presented film clips together with volunteers from the Red Cross; shared flyers with first aid methods; and organized a practical workshop for participants to evelop and be trained on appropriate behavior in emergency situations where first aid is needed.  At the end of the project we organized a contest called "First Aid with... IMPACT" in which teams from multiple schools around Petroșani participated and showed the skills they'd learned at the earlier workshops.


Students from the Pride of Petroșani IMPACT Club had mentioned the fact that fewer and fewer youth and adults know how to give first aid.  In addition, we had observed that many people simply walk by people who have fallen in the street as if they don't care, without stopping to ask if the person needs help or realizing the importance of immediate intervention in the moments after an accident.  Members of our club understood the need to educate students and teachers from Petroșani schools how to make a difference and save a life though immediate action.  Because of this need, we decided to support and implement our project.


  1. Signing a partnership contract.
  2. Creating flyers, PowerPoint presentations, film clips, and making badges for fundraising.  
  3. Informational session about giving first aid (Red Cross).  
  4. Presentation of film clips and PowerPoint presentations (in homeroom classrooms).  
  5. Fundraising activities -- collecting donations for the handmade badges.  
  6. Practical training session on giving first aid (Red Cross).  
  7. Inter-school competition: "First Aid with... IMPACT!"
  8. Celebration and project evaluation.


Direct beneficiaries: 140 students from I.G. Duca General School and partners, 15 IMPACT club members.

Indirect beneficiaries:  200 students, parents, volunteers, and community members.

Project results: 

Through our project, "The IMPACT of First Aid!" members of our club succeeded in informing and teaching many students and teachers from schools across Petroșani how to give first aid through practical activities and theoretical sessions.  In this way, youth from the IMPACT club Pride of Petroșani have helped form and train appropriate behavior in emergency situations for over 700 students from Petroșani.   


  • Schools in Petroșani 
  • Petroșani City Government
  • Red Cross Petroșani branch
  • Kapital T.V., Jiu Valley Newspaper -- for appearances in the media

Sponsors and donors: 

  • "Mistria" Association of Petrila: sponsored printing of flyers, posters, and diplomas for the interschool competition: 50 RON 
  • "Education for All" Parents' Association: sponsored making the badges: 100 RON 

Budget and financing sources: 

The project was supported by New Horizons Foundation through the "Connect to Your Communty!" project competition.  Our project's total budget was 600 RON, of which we received 400 RON from New Horizons Foundation.