The IMPACT of Color on a Child's Soul

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Satu Mare

Time period: 

March-April 2015

Project Type: 

  • Social / Cultural

"Our project is a success story because we were able to bring people alongside us to help contribute to meeting our objectives.  We showed that we are concerned about the needs of our comunity and that we can change something from the normal routine that we're all used to.  We brought color to a place where children live -- children who are like us but just have a few special needs.  We brought them joy, just as they declared when they were interviewed on TV."

IMPACT Club Member

The IMPACT of Color on a Child's Soul

Project Summary: 

The goal of the project was to rearrange the yard of a Children's Home in order to give them a pleasant space to spend their free time and organize recreational activities.


The Children's Home was truly in need of renovation.


IMPACT members visited the Children's Home in order to see what their needs were.  They promoted their project at school in order to attract volunteers to come help them, as well as gain resources.  The IMPACT members, volunteers, and project beneficiaries renovated the space itself in 2 days (planting a vegetable garden, fixing a swingset, planting flowers in hanging pots around a courtyard gazebo, and painting tires to use for planting flowers).


Direct beneficiaries of the project "The IMPACT of Color on a Child's Soul" were the twenty-three orphans and abnadoned children who live at the Children's Home.  These children are between 11 and 18 years old; the majority are of Romanian ethnicity with the exception of 3 Roma youth; seven of the children have disabilities.  The indirect beneficiaries of the project are the workers at the Children's Home -- adults who care for the education and supervision of the youth.

Project results: 

We brought color to a place where children live -- children who are like us but just have a few special needs.  We brought them joy!


The project benefited from excellent media support, including appearances online and on television.  

Sponsors and donors: 

Our project benefited from the direct involvement of our 3 club leaders, as well as the school mechanic who helped support and guide our work.  From our school's administration we also received 1 table, 3 benches, and 10 chairs, which we painted and arranged in the gazebo, transforming it into a space for socializing and studying.  

Mrs. Marcela Papici donated fertile soil for the vegetable garden as well as gardening tools.  Mr. Gheorghe Roman donated wood and assisted with the repair of the swingset.  The Metaplant Flower Shop, represented by Mr. Alajos Bauer, brought a plow and prepared the ground for the vegetable garden.  Mrs. Cristina German donated flowers, valuing at least 100 RON.  Vasile Marița donated other tools.  Mr. Mircea Tivadar donated whitewash and the tools we needed to use it.  Mr. Mircea Papici helped us as a volunteer.  Sebastian Iacobuț helped us to decorate the walls.

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