Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa's Coming!

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Time period: 

Decembrie 2014 - Ianuarie 2015

Project Type: 

  • Education / Awareness-raising
  • Social / Cultural

Ho, Ho, Ho, Santa's Coming!

Project Summary: 

Members of the club IMPACT 2 from Lupeni wanted to increase the level of sensitivity and civic responsibility shown by youth between the ages of 12-17 regarding the problems faced by families with special needs.  In order to do this, the members made Christmas ornaments which they sold to raise money.  With the money collected, as well as donations obtained, the youth from IMPACT 2 were able to buy a Christmas meal for the Cizma family in Vulcan (the project beneficiaries), as well as provide them with a wheelchair for their two handicapped children, a Christmas tree and decorations, and enough wood to heat their apartment throughout the whole winter.


Youth from the IMPACT club had mentioned that among their classmates and friends in Lupeni they had observed a lack of empathy, as well as low levels of sensitivity and civic responsibility, particularly regarding what it means to help or simply accept families with special needs (families in poverty, with handicaps, of other ethnicities, etc.).


A1 - Visiting the Cizma family in Vulcan to learn about their real needs.

A2 - Making Christmas decorations and offering them in exchange for donations to the project.  

A3 - Contacting at least 10 sponsors to help us implement our project.

A4 - Promoting and telling others about our project, particularly 12- to 17-year-olds from the city of Lupeni.  


Beneficiari direcți: 15 tineri cu vârste cuprinse între 12 și 17 ani membrii ai Clubului IMPACT 2 și nouă membri ai familiei Cizmă din Vulcan.  

Beneficiari indirecți: 150 de tineri din Lupeni, profesorii de la școlile unde am desfășurat activități și am făcut prezentări, membri ai comunității. 

Project results: 

  • Youth ages 12-17 from Lupeni are more aware of the problems of families with special needs and want to be more actively involved in meeting those needs.  
  • Members of the Cizma family have food for the Christmas holidays and received material assistance which helped improve their living conditions.  


  • SC Iustin Com SRL
  • SC Cooperativa Straja Unit. 13 SRL
  • Magazinul Mesterul Casei, Lupeni

Sponsors and donors: 

  • New Horizons Foundation: 400 RON
  • SC Iustin Com SRL: donated items for the Cizma family
  • SC Cooperativa Straja. Unit. 13 SRL: donated items for the Cizma family
  • Mag. Mesterul casei, Lupeni: donated plasterboard

Budget and financing sources: 

Our project was supported by New Horizons Foundation through the "Connect to Your Community!" project competition.

The project budget was 419 RON, which was added to by sponsorships and donations obtained from partnering stores as well as the member of IMPACT 2, who donated the wheelchair, firewood, food for the Christmas meal, decorations, and Christmas tree.

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