Hidden Treasures of the Lazaru Valley

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Valea de Brazi

Time period: 

March - July 2015

Project Type: 

  • Environmental

Hidden Treasures of the Lazaru Valley

Project Summary: 

The project "Hidden Treasures of the Lazaru Valley" had the goal of promoting natural tourist attractions that exist in the Lazaru Valley region.  In order to develop this project, members of the club IMPACT 2 proposed to obtain donations and sponsorship of at least 500 RON in order to purchase the necessary materials to construct informational panels and 5 directional arrows, in order to attract and guide tourists in visiting the afore-mentioned valley.


We, the youth of the IMPACT 2 Community Initiative Club, proposed to develop this project because we had observed that neither tourists nor residents of the Jiu Valley recognize the true value of the natural wonders hidden in the area south of the entrance to Retezat National Park, one of the most beautiful protected areas in all of Europe.  This is because of the lack of information about the natural beauties of the western Jiu Valley, the absence of geographical reference points and signs for tourists, and the lack of placards to promote the natural beauty and points of interest which would attract tourists from around the world.


A1 - Signing partnership, sponsorship, and donation contracts in order to obtain the needed financial resources to create informative and directional signs for tourists.  

A2 - Obtaining approvals necessary to place the informatie and directional signs.  

A3 - Fundraising activities at General School Nr. 3 in Lupeni.

A4 - Creating and mounting 1 informative panel and 5 directional arrows for tourists towards the waterfalls in the Lazaru Valley area.  

A5 - Promoting and sharing the results of our project.


Direct beneficiaries: tourists visiting the area.

Indirect beneficiaries: IMPACT club members and local community residents.

Project results: 

The primary results of the project "Hidden Treasures of the Lazaru Valley" were as follows:  

  • Installation of informative signs and directional arrows along the path to a waterfall.
  • Increase in the number of tourists who will visit the area.
  • Development of a partnership with the Uricani City Hall and Uricani Mountain Rescue.


  • Uricani City Hall
  • Uricani Mountain Rescue
  • Lupeni Forestry Service
  • Lupeni Middle School Nr. 3

Sponsors and donors: 

  • Tâmplăria Ardelean Mircea, Bărbăteni
  • SC Borungel Electroconstruct SNC
  • SC Vadati SRL

Budget and financing sources: 

The project "Hidden Treasures of the Lazaru Valley" had an estimated budget of 500 RON.  The money necessary was raised through a combination of material donations from sponsors (paint, paintbrushes, paint thinner, gloves, wood for the panels and poles), but also through fundraising activities organized by IMPACT 2 at Lupeni Middle School Nr. 3.

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