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Time period: 

Spring 2015

Project Type: 

  • Social / Cultural

By Giving You Become a Hero!

Project Summary: 

The goal of the project was to raise funds to help children from the Children’s Home in Lupeni.  To do so, we organized three movie nights, as well as a day of fun activities for children in the community, as ways to raise money.  


Kids from the Lupeni Children’s Home do not have many opportunities to go on vacation or travel throughout Romania.  For this reason, the Children’s Home organized a week-long excursion to the seaside for some of the children.  However, they didn’t have enough money to purchase everything they needed for the trip.  With the money we raised, we were able to purchase the needed materials (swimsuits, baseball caps, sandals) for their trip, as well as give extra money for food while traveling and on the beach.  


We organized three movie nights where we sold cookies nad popcorn and charged 5 RON for admission. We also organized a day of fun and creative activities for elementary-aged cihldren, also with 5 RON admission.  In addition, on June 1 (Children’s Day) we visited the Children’s Home in Lupeni and played with the children who would benefit from our project.  


Beneficiarii direcţi au fost 12 copii de la Centrul de Plasăment.  Cei indirecţi au fost aproximativ 80 de copii care au participat la activităţiile noastre.

Project results: 

We raised 445 RON, which we used to acquire the necessary equipment for the excursion to the coast of the Black Sea organized by the Lupeni Children’s Home.  More specifically, we purchased 12 baseball caps, 2 swimsuits, 5 pairs of sandals, 2 sets of beach toys, bubbles, and a ball.  The money left over we gave to the supervisor, who used it to buy food, water, and ice cream for the kids on the beach.  


Children's Home in Lupeni.

Sponsors and donors: 

Our donors were the kids who paid the entry tax for our various fundraising events.  In addition, we received donations of food from various parents who offered to make popcorn and cookies for our project events.  

Budget and financing sources: 

Movie nights:

  • Cookie ingredients……………………...50 RON
  • Popcorn…………………………………..20 RON

Kid’s fun day:

  • Candy and drinks.................................65 RON
  • Materials for crafts and facepainting....50 RON

At the beginning we used money remaining from the projects we did in the fall.  After that, we sustained further activities through our fundraising events.  After expenses we remained with 445 RON.

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