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Project Type: 

  • Health
  • Social / Cultural

"We managed to create, out of almost nothing, a beautiful, colorful, happy room which attracts kids like a magnet from the moment they enter the hospital.  The work and effort put forth by our club members was unimaginable.  Everyone wanted to do something to help the project come to a great finish.  While some members were chasing after sponsors, others were gathering donations; while some talked to the mayor or the manager of the hospital, others were already dressed like professional painters, ready to do the renovations.  This involvement and mobilization of the members is what we consider the coolest part of the project."

Leader of the "Lucky Smilers" IMPACT Club

Children For Children

Project Summary: 

The problem that the kids wanted to solve through their project was the lack of recreational space for children interned in the Cugir City Hospital.  Therefore, 38 "happy smilers" arranged a playroom in the hospital.  From now on, all children who will be interned in the hospital will have the chance to spend their time in a creative way, rejoicing in the colors, games, and toys in the playroom.


The probable causes of theis problem were a lack of initiative and involvement, defective management, or a lack of funds.  


The 38 members of our club were directly involved in all of our activities.  In addition, we were helped by 577 people from the local community, whether through donations or help in renovating the room -- especially by three extra loving people who helped us paint and hang curtains (Mr. Marian Natrapei, Mr. Cosmin Borsa, and Mr. Cristian Horciu).  We were able to collect many different items: james and toys (puzzles, stuffed animals, electronic games, logic games, etc.) and approximately 150 storybooks and coloring books.  We also printed 40 promotional posters, which were hung in 40 local stores, and distributed 400 flyers throughout the community.



Direct beneficiaries: Children interned at the Cugir City Hospital

Project results: 

The "happy smilers" arranged a playroom for kids interned at the Cugir City Hospital.  From now on there will be a fun place for kids who hae to stay at the hospital.  At the inauguration of the room, almost all of the beneficiaries and supporters of the project came to participate -- those who donated toys, materials, furniture, etc.  Everyone was impressed by the success of our club, but the very happiest people were the children of the hospital.  "This room is so beautiful!  Can I move my bed from my room into here?" asked Lucian, a 9-year-old patient.


We had four trustworthy partners in this project:

  • New Horizons Foundation
  • Cugir City Hospital
  • Singidava General School
  • Cugir Cultural Center

Sponsors and donors: 

We received funds from seven local businesses:

  • SC „Elco Business” SRL
  • SC „Iuly” SRL
  • SC „Giovani Moco” SRL 
  • SC „Gioconda” SRL
  • SC „Zinnex” SRL
  • PFA Filimon Steliana
  • Stoian Cornel

Budget and financing sources: 

We were able to collect donations valuing approximately 1250 RON: materials, storybooks, coloring books, notebooks, paint, primer, plaster, putty, carpets, curtains, etc.  We also received a donation of 50 RON for snacks and drinks at the inaguration of the room.  In addition, through community donations we collected approximately 5300 games and toys (puzzles, stuffed animals, electronic games, logic games, etc.) and approximately 150 books.

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