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Piatra Neamț

Time period: 

martie - aprilie 2015

Project Type: 

  • Education / Awareness-raising
  • Social / Cultural

The project about tolerance and discrimination included essays on this theme and the coloring of a wall between the two buildings of the school.  Until a few days ago the wall was banal, lacking any charm, putting you in a state of existential gloominess as you either looked at it with disdain or ignored it.  But now you can be inspired by the fact that at this high school you can find life, childhood, and innocence.  It gives you positive feelings, regardless of the state your soul had previously been in.  The bright colors, like a rainbow, give you aesthetic pleasure, as the bringing together of vibrant colors reminds you of the universal golden age and invites you to ask yourself, "Where are you, childhood?"

 Sandra Drăguşanu, grade 12

Another Brick in the Wall

Project Summary: 

Through the project "Another Brick in the Wall," we wanted to contribute to the tearing-down of barriers and ideas that exist in our school about the differences between students from the technical school and the humanities school.  In order to do this, we organized a number of different actions around the subject: a poster contest (on the theme "Another Brick in the Wall"), an essay contest (on the theme "Fighting Prejudice and Stereotypes"), and -- most importantly -- painting the bricks of the dividing wall between the two buildings of our school with all sorts of different, bright colors.


Lately there have been different ideas re-surfacing at our school about the differences between students who go to the two buildings: the technical school ("those kids from building B") and the humanities school ("the college on the hill").  Those students from building B had begun to be seen as "pariahs" and treated poorly, being called various offensive names.  The students from building B were beginning to protest and fight back against this treatment.  We believe that this phenomenon was perpetuated by a mentality that focused on differences and animosities, with students from building A developing a superiority compex and those from building B beginning to believe they were inferior.


A1 - Organizing the project; setting up the team and clarifying responsibilities of the IMPACT members.

A2 - Promoting the project through visibility materials.

A3 - Poster and essay contests about prejudice and stereotypes.

A4 - Events and interactions between students from the two schools on the theme of tolerance (living library, games, films).

A5 - Painting the wall.

A6 - Celebration with students from both schools.


Beneficiari direcți: 28 de membri IMPACT, 4 lideri, 1.700 de elevi din ambele corpuri de școală 

Beneficiari indirecți: 84 de profesori din școală; 50 de persoane din instituție și părinți ai elevilor

Project results: 

This project made an impact on the consciences of the whole school community, but also the local community, through the activities which created among the students a favorable opinion about the ideas of tolerance, solidarity, friendship, and school spirit.  Through implementation of this project we succeeded in transmitting our message of tolerance to approximately 2000 direct and indirect beneficiaries.


  • Era Gallery and painter Ciprian Istrate
  • Gheorghe Cartianu Technical High School of Piatra Neamț

Sponsors and donors: 

  • New Horizons Foundation: 400 RON
  • Kober Company

Budget and financing sources: 

The project "Another Brick in the Wall" benefited from the financial support of 400 RON, given by New Horizons Foundation, following a project competition in which our club participated and won this sum.  

In addition to this support, we also obtained sponsorship from the Kober company, who gave us different colors of paint; from painter Ciprian Istrate from the Era Gallery; and from the leaders of our school, who also offered us financial support in order to bring our planned actions to completion.

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