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Project Competition!


IMPACT clubs who are part of the “Connect to Your Community” project, financed by the SEE 2009-2014 grants through the NGO Fund of Romania, are invited to apply to a new competition on one of the following themes: the environment, diversity, health, and fighting against hate speech.

Projects in this competition must contain an element of fundraising, and for clubs opened before November 2014 the projects must include a fundraising event, because we want to develop your fundraising competencies!

Send us your service-learning project proposal by November 13, 2015, at the address andreea_baltaretu@noi-orizonturi.ro and we’ll support you as you put your ideas into practice! 

The application form can be downloaded below.  Details of how we’ll select projects for funding can be found in the attached guide.   

In the 2014-2015 school year, clubs in this project completed 39 community service-learning projects.  IMPACT members from the club Ștefi at the Stephen the Great National High School in Hârlău, for example, used their summer vacation to begin implementing a project through which they helped 15 low-income families from two isolated communities.  Another example: IMPACT club Cartian, from the George Cartianu Technical High School in Piatra Neamț, took second place in the competition “Successful Activities in Școala Altfel” which was organized by the National Ministry of Education.  Their project, “Another Brick in the Wall,” was organized to promote the importance of a non-discriminatory educational environment. 

Now the time has come again for IMPACT members to do good!  We eagerly await your applications.


Competition organized through the project “Nonformal education, still education!” – a project financed by the 2009-2014 SEE grants through the NGO Fund for Romania.           

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