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Lidia State
Leader, Cluj
Lidia State holds a masters degree in Human Resources, Psychology, and Organizational Health, and is one of the most experienced student volunteers in the IMPACT club network in Cluj-Napoca. Lidia became a volunteer for New Horizons Foundation in...
Lider la clubul IMPACT al Liceului Spiru Haret, Bucureşti
Iulian, a graduate of the College of Literature, has been part of the beautiful IMPACT story for more than three years, ever since he heard of the program from his co-leaders at VIA ŢA Adventure Camp . “[The program] seemed so incredibly cool to me...
Ștefana Aicoboaie
membru club IMPACT 29, Galați
I can’t remember very well what it was like before IMPACT. All I can say is that the world looked completely different to me after I learned what it meant to volunteer . IMPACT has meant a new beginning for me which predicts a future full of...
Simona Lucia Prisăcaru
membru al Clubului IMPACT Pride of Petroşani, 14 ani
IMPACT is a place where I relax, where I learn to help other people, where I discover new things about myself, and, most importantly, where I can help the community where I live. IMPACT has changed me for the better, from my point of view, since...
Roberta Popa
Clubul IMPACT Pride of Petrosani, 13 ani
For me, IMPACT is the instrument through which I communicate with the community in which I live. Through IMPACT I can realize what the community is lacking and then say, “I want to help!” This has become my slogan since I started IMPACT; I learned...
Oana Maria
IMPACT member, Românii cu normă intreagă, Petroşani (Hunedoara)
Please allow me to explain what IMPACT is and what it means to me: IMPACT is the education you didn’t get in school – lessons about life and stories of success with new friends. If I had to liken IMPACT to something, it would be like a nice big...