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Roberta Popa
Clubul IMPACT Pride of Petrosani, 13 ani

For me, IMPACT is the instrument through which I communicate with the community in which I live.  Through IMPACT I can realize what the community is lacking and then say, “I want to help!”  This has become my slogan since I started IMPACT; I learned many incredibly useful things for daily life.  I learned that if I want to have a better world, I have to do something about it.  In every project I remember this fact and it gives me the conviction and power to fight for that which I want. 

My IMPACT club – my classmates and teachers – are my second family.  I have been thinking about how, by the time I finish eighth grade, I can leave an unforgettable mark at the school where I have grown and learned, a mark the whole world will be able to see, and I will do this through volunteering.  Volunteering is my life!