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Oana Maria
IMPACT member, Românii cu normă intreagă, Petroşani (Hunedoara)

Please allow me to explain what IMPACT is and what it means to me:

IMPACT is the education you didn’t get in school – lessons about life and stories of success with new friends.   If I had to liken IMPACT to something, it would be like a nice big jacket: although at first it seems commonplace, like something you just wear at home, IMPACT is full of originality.  (Well, has someone had a better idea?!)  It’s convenient and also cheerful.  It can go with a wide variety of outfits, but in the end you always come to the conclusion that you would be happy to wear it in any situation.  And if there was an owl hiding in that jacket?  Like an owl, IMPACT observes and reflects on things and becomes wiser day by day.  Putting all this together, these things would constitute a formula for success for IMPACT.

I really like the idea of IMPACT.  I feel comfortable when I express my ideas and views during an IMPACT meeting.  I’m glad that IMPACT has entered my mind!  I have been in IMPACT for over four years, and I’ve never been bored.  Although I attend a high school which no longer has a club, I am a devoted member of “Everyday Romanians” (Românii cu normă intreagă).  The ambition to be aware that I am doing something for the community, no matter how small that thing may be, always makes me feel proud and fulfilled. 

My IMPACT success story could be long, like a novel, or a short and funny sketch, but will always be summed up in these words.  Many obstacles appeared in the course of my activities (different opinions, arguments, people who didn’t want to listen and who demoralized the team when we had to begin a project), and there were many discussions and moments in which, pure and simple, I felt that it would be better to give up.  But this was not my nature.  I continued, and eventually I passed over those now-empty obstacles and arrived at the moment in which I no longer wanted to leave Everyday Romanians even though I had entered high school.  What IMPACT has helped me with the most is my confidence and trust in myself, patience, wonderful people whom I’ve met, inclusive IMPACT colleagues, stories along the way, and most of all – curiosity.  I think that without curiosity, you won’t do anything new in life.

If you are not curious, you will not discover anything new, not do anything new, not acquire any new competencies, not meet new people full of stories – all new stories.  Thus, you should always let your mind and your heart see new things – good things!

In my years of active citizenship, committed and responsible not only to the community but also to myself, I have had the privilege of meeting wonderful people with stories full of initiative from all corners of Romania and also from foreign lands.  I have been able to help improve our general culture and soul by taking part in the most successful thing: IMPACT.