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Claudiu Corcea (Dudu)
14 ani, Clubul Happynesia, Cluj-Napoca

For me, IMPACT is a way of life, a new and different type of life that doesn’t look like the monotony of the world, and interesting life from which you can learn many things and arrive at a place where you can also teach others.  From the time I joined IMPACT I have learned that diversity and reciprocal assistance are the foundation of any prospering society.  IMPACT gives life to your life!

I say this every time I have the chance: that IMPACT has helped me a lot from the time since I participated at my first meeting.  From the shyness I used to show, I now have arrived at a place where I can stop people on the street, tell them about what we’re doing, and invite them to our activities.  I have learned how to befriend anybody and to not judge as easily as I used to.  In short, I really ca say that IMPACT has given me – and continues to give me – life.