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Ștefana Aicoboaie
membru club IMPACT 29, Galați

I can’t remember very well what it was like before IMPACT.  All I can say is that the world looked completely different to me after I learned what it meant to volunteer.

IMPACT has meant a new beginning for me which predicts a future full of beautiful experiences, but also a new beginning for my community, which now is beginning to discover, even with all its problems, its own beauty.  Here I have learned what school books failed to teach us: values such as teamwork, trust, respect, and communication, which are so necessary in communities which want to produce CHANGE.  I have learned what it means to accomplish a project and then to promote it; I have learned to appreciate what I have; I have learned to help those in need.  But the most important thing: I have seen how every one of us can bring something positive to our communities.

At the first meeting of the club they say that you can change the world, a difficult thing to believe for some middle-school students.  But later, through a phenomenon that’s hard to explain, you discover that change hasn’t happened only in your community, but also in you.  In IMPACT I have developed new abilities which will help me in life.  I have gained new friends and new experiences, smiles and encouragement.  IMPACT means a healthy lifestyle, where all our initiative, involvement, and work are for the benefit of the community.