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Susan Stroud
Executive Director of Innovations in Civic Participation

At Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP), we envision a world in which young people in every nation are actively engaged in improving their lives and their communities through civic participation. Beyond attending school or looking for work, we see average eighteen-year-olds around the world sharing the common experience of tackling the most entrenched problems in their communities and entering into adult life empowered to find ways to be part of the solution.

There are a number of organizations around the world that actively engage young people in improving their lives and their communities. Taken together, these programs constitute an emerging global youth service movement. As the organization that is supporting this broader movement, ICP is in contact with many of the local and national entities implementing programs and policies on the ground.  One of the best examples is the New Horizons Foundation (NHF) in Romania.

Impressed by the measurable impact NHF has had in Romania in such a short period of time, ICP decided to highlight NHF in a publication prepared for the US Department of State. By providing opportunities for young people to actively address community needs in a structured format, NHF is not only bettering the community, but also helping young people to develop the tools necessary to properly shape and participate in civil society and government.

The New Horizons Foundation is truly a model youth civic engagement program.