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Roxana Vitan
Director Executiv Romanian-American Foundation

When IMPACT members tell us what they do, their eyes shine.  Why?  Because in each IMPACT club, they experience well-done and successful work.  They experience both personal success and group success because everything they do, they do as a team.  About a year ago, when I asked “Why do you go to your club?” I received a short response which said much in its simplicity: “Because it helps us become better!”

This “better” has many facets: better as people, more courageous, more organized, better speakers, better helpers, more involved, better colleagues, more creative, etc.  The IMPACT program first helps youth to experience organization and the joy of success.  And then they discuss what they did, talking about what went well and what didn’t go so well.  And it helps them to improve and to grow.

Probably down the road, we will find youth from IMPACT clubs with community foundations, educating other youth or getting involved in the thousands of projects which nongovernmental organizations carry out in Romania every year, concerned for the well-being of those around them.  And this will not just be “better” – it will be better for us all.