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Ema (Panți) Vacariu
Alumni of IMPACT 1, Lupeni

How has IMPACT changed me?  IMPACT taught me almost everything I know!  Of course, I can’t say that my mom or school or church didn’t influence me, but when you create an “alliance” with kids your own age and when you begin to care about your community and those around you, the things you learn through practice (chosen because you chose it, not someone else) easily become part of you.  I became a decisive person – I know what I want and I know how to fight to get there.  I became organized – when I have an idea I write it down, when I have a budget I write down what I spend so that I can save some money.  I became a bolder person.  By seeing how many projects I helped successfully finish I developed higher expectations for myself; I can dream and I can try.  I became a more sociable person – I don’t lose myself in the company of others.  I learned how to work in a team, which I know will help me for my whole life, including in the workplace and in any other groups I join.  I learned how to plan and observed that I can bring tasks to their full completion.  I learned how to have an eye open for the needs of other people.  I learned how to develop and use my resources – even if they are minimal – to their maximum potential.