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Adrian Olteanu
Former National Volunteer Manager, Habitat for Humanity Romania
For me IMPACT is like a third parent. I grew up and was educated through this program of New Horizons Foundation, which taught me to believe in myself and face my fears and endowed me with strong moral values. Through IMPACT I developed the desire...
Daria Cîmpean
fost membru IMPACT, acum specialist în educaţia Montessori
New Horizons Foundation is part of me, part of my soul. I am aware of the fact that I was so lucky to be part of IMPACT and VIATA ! I will always be appreciative for this opportunity and I will be forever eager to help in any way.
Robert (Robi) Bogdanffy
Government Relations Associate at McGuireWoods Consulting (București)
After I became a member of IMPACT and had an “aha moment,” realizing that I can in fact influence things in my community, I realized that it isn’t just about people in power (people holding public office or who have a lot of money), but that if you...
Ema (Panți) Vacariu
Alumni of IMPACT 1, Lupeni
How has IMPACT changed me? IMPACT taught me almost everything I know! Of course, I can’t say that my mom or school or church didn’t influence me, but when you create an “alliance” with kids your own age and when you begin to care about your...
Francis Fukuyama, PhD
Senior Fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law at Stanford University
“Much of my scholarly work over the past decade has centered around the concept of social capital, and I have recently been encouraged by some strategies for developing the critically needed social capital in Romania. First, a word about social...
Roxana Vitan
Director Executiv Romanian-American Foundation
When IMPACT members tell us what they do, their eyes shine. Why? Because in each IMPACT club, they experience well-done and successful work. They experience both personal success and group success because everything they do, they do as a team. About...