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Fionia Lupu
“Văd în fiecare copil o valoare, nu mai sunt intransigentă cum eram pe vremuri, ci încerc să evaluez diferit și cu mai multă înțelegere copii, îi îndemn să aibă curaj, să fie creativi” Fionia Lupu a intrat în învățământ acum 40 - a fost timp de opt...
Ema (Panți) Vacariu
Alumni of IMPACT 1, Lupeni
How has IMPACT changed me? IMPACT taught me almost everything I know! Of course, I can’t say that my mom or school or church didn’t influence me, but when you create an “alliance” with kids your own age and when you begin to care about your...
Rodica Bira
profesor lider IMPACT, Galati
To me, IMPACT means firstly a large family, united, where I learned that even though we aren’t all the same, we can work together to create a better future…. IMPACT is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in the last 3 years… it means...
Nicolae Bragheșiu
lider Club IMPACT Liceenii, Zărnești
Getting involved with young people transforms you from a person who stays on the sidelines and watches, into a person who does things. And doing things – today just a little, tomorrow more – you change yourself. And by changing yourself, it’s clear...
Maria Borța
Everything started because of my kids. Fourteen years ago my daughter, who was in 6th grade at the time, first heard about VIAȚA camp from her friend Diana. Word had been going around that it was some sort of religious camp that taught kids who-...
Liliana Olăraşu
Lider IMPACT la Şcoala Vasile Conta, Iaşi
Liliana Ol ăraşu has been an IMPACT leader for eight years, a wonderful experience which she values not only for how it has affected her relationship with members of her club, but also for how it has affected her in her work as a teacher and in her...